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Appointment and Service Scheduling

   Customizable software packages are available for handling any appointment or service scheduling application.
Optional features include:

  • Integrated map for coordinating service locations
  • Automatic emailing for marketing or sending out appointment reminders
  • Complete customer and empoyee history
  • Integrated service menu and price lists

Main Screen

View all appointments on any date.

All conflicts are automatically highlighted.

To book an appointment double click on any open slot.
Date, times, and employee are automatically filled in.

Appointment information displayed on the screen can be customized to show address, phone numbers, or other important information.

Software is capable handling both in house appointments such as salons or beauty parlors and remote service calls such as home inspections or deliveries.

One click of a button will instantly display a map showing the appointment location.

This map could be printed and given to your service personnel or a map showing the location of your business could be emailed to your clients via the Bulk Email add-on.

Appointment Screen

Get detailed appointment information with just one click.

Record services, images, charges, or any information required for each appointment.

Easily schedule and manage an unlimited amount of recurring appointments.

The simple to use date generator is flexible enough to handle the most complex of repeating schedules.

Current appointment schedules can be automatically posted online allowing employees to view their schedules or customers to check for availability.

Click here for a full screen example.

Employee Screens

Track detailed information for each employee.

Keep track of availability and requested vacation days for each employee.

Employee selection will automatically change depending on availability making it impossible to book an employee on their day off.

Client Screens

Record client information such as address and images.

Get detailed reports of previous appointments for your clients.

Software will even predict upcoming appointments by analyzing client appointment frequency.

Business hours and holidays will automatically be displayed on appointment sheet.

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